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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Maintain the Shine on Your Truck Wheels

Truck wheel maintenance can be a challenge, requiring constant supervision.  With the revolutionary VIS-Shine and VIS-Polish systems, it is now easier than ever to have polished aluminum wheels for trucks.

Easy Wheel Polishing

The only machine of its kind in all of America, the VIS-Shine is an on-truck wheel polishing system that gives you polished aluminum wheels in a matter of mere minutes.  Capable of polishing 19.5”, 22.5” and 24.5” sized wheels, this system can be easily carried around in a truck and used to clean, buff and polish the aluminum truck wheels to a mirror-like shine.  Regular maintenance and upkeep are extremely important for ensuring the longevity of truck wheels.

Intensive Care

Sometimes, truck wheels can be so heavily oxidized that a simple cleaning and buffing will not do.  The VIS-Polish machine is a highly sophisticated and fully-automated machine that not only polishes, but fully refurbishes and restores aluminum truck wheels, identifying cracks and faults before they get a chance to develop further. This makes the VIS-Polish a good investment for businesses and fleets looking for polished aluminum wheels.

The Advantages of Polished Aluminum Wheels

There are several reasons why a truck fleet owner should pay careful attention to the condition of his truck’s wheels.  For one, a set of well-maintained and polished aluminum wheels prevents long-term damage to the wheels, and reduces the risk of road accidents.  A good set of wheels also increases the resale value of the truck. Most importantly, maintaining the set of wheels on the truck results in huge savings in terms of maintenance budgets.

There is something immensely rewarding about a set of gleaming, mirror-like aluminum wheels and with systems like VIS-Shine and VIS-Polish, every truck owner can now take pride in his fleet of trucks and their polished aluminum wheels.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

How Effective is a Squirrel Wheel Safety Device

Wheel loss is one of the most common reasons for accidents while on road. Just checking for loose lug nuts is not going to help you. It does not matter whether your indicators are working fine or whether the pre check was completed or not. Instead, ensure that the wheel is fully secure so that you can drive with complete peace of mind while on the road. Now, secure your wheels with The Squirrel. It is a wheel safety device that is designed to withstand paint, chemicals and extreme weather conditions. Made of engineered nylon, it is quite light in weight and can be fitted easily. It is impact resistant, meaning the Squirrel is designed to stay in place and keep pressure on the lug nuts. Even under grime and severe dirt conditions when the wheel cannot be seen, this device works efficiently. 


The Squirrel wheel safety device comes with many features. The design is simple so that it can be secured quite easily. The device is reusable and can be fitted to any coach, trailer or 10, 8 or 6 stud trucks. You do not need any special tools to secure the Squirrel to your wheels thus requiring minimum downtime. With this safety device in place, instances of wheel loss become negligible. It not only enhances the overall efficiency of your wheels but also gives complete peace of mind for the drivers when driving on the road. Lesser instances of wheel loss lead to greater savings thus making it cost effective for the operators.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

How Brake Testing Equipment Can Help your Business

Brake testing equipment refers to a machine that diagnoses the brakes, suspension and steering of school buses, transit buses, motor homes, heavy duty trucks and more. It inspects and delivers a report on the safety and efficiency parameters so that it can act as a guide to the service technician designing activities to improve maintenance efficiency. Such equipment comes with a host of features that include a simulator that recreates actual road conditions so that the tests can deliver accurate reports. The diagnostics is quick and efficient and can identify brake, suspension and steering issues within few minutes. The foundation brakes are tested as per CVSA and DOT guidelines. It also includes automated brake testing feature along with a comprehensive business plan and provide greater return on investment.

Need for Brake Testing

Truck break testing equipment performs various undercarriage diagnostics that enhances the overall efficiency of your truck. It reduces the risk of manual errors thereby ensuring greater safety. Automated brake testing enables quicker diagnostics and helps identify brake, suspension and steering issues accurately. It also helps in enhancing the overall quality of the inspection process.


Brake testing equipment offers a host of benefits to business. It reduces operational cost, increases revenue and enhances customer loyalty. It helps fleet operators by enhancing the vehicle up time and boost driver satisfaction. At the same time it also keeps the operational costs down. This equipment also provides for enhanced inspection standards thereby improving testing speeds and accuracy. It helps create an inspection and testing process that is simple and easy to understand for your technicians.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

What Is The Importance of Brake Testing Equipment?

Simulating the correct left to right and front to rear brake forces is worth the cost as the measurement allows the vehicle owner / driver to know much in advance the efficacy of the brake management system and its effect and performance in an emergency. Forewarned is better armed and brake testing is a vital measurement metric that ensures
•    Brakes are working as specified
•    Increases driver confidence on road
•    Human and vehicle safety is constantly analyzed

The process of brake testing involves removal of the wheel to measure and adjust the vehicles’ brake force distribution. Demounting the wheel and brake assembly is quite a heavy task as the entire assembly weighs upwards of 60 pounds. To facilitate the lifting s such heavy elements VIS (Vehicle Inspection Systems) have introduced the Brake Mate, which is an invaluable Brake testing equipment to service brake assemblies and remove the drudgery of manual lifting.

The advantages of Brake Mate are:
•    Reduces manual lifting of rotor, hub and caliper
•    Increases safety by minimizing or eliminating injuries due to lifting
•    The system is designed for proper work heights
•    Can handle truck, bus and trailer wheels and with brake adapter option becomes multi-functional
•    Average time is reduced by half during rotor replacement jobs
•    Alignment of all parts is automatic during the splitting of rotor from hub
•    Rotating service table simplifies handling of heavy rotors
•    Realignment of rotor and hub is quick and easy
•    Caliper replacement easily performed
•    Hydraulic lift controls enables final assembly efficiently

Truck brake testing equipment is a must-have piece of machinery in fleet maintenance bays, which saves invaluable time allowing technicians to perform their tasks more efficiently.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Tips for Wheel Safety Device

Human nature is a double edge sword. On the one hand, the mind can act with caution as check lists ticked off. The double edge comes into play when you are unsure whether your lug nuts are tightened after you have mounted a wheel back on after inspection. In some, it can be instant while in others it can slip back into the sub conscious zone before it resurfaces again. 

To remove this play of “to be or not be” scenario in the mind, employing wheel safety devices is the ideal methodology. The solution is cost effective, as the device does not cost an arm or a leg. This is attaining peace of mind as the device ensures that the lug nuts are not loose. The instrument of peace is called Squirrel wheel safety device manufactured by VIS – Vehicle Inspection Systems based in Orlando, Florida. It is
•    Lightweight
•    Impact resistant
•    Manufactured from engineered nylon
•    Easily fitted
•    Can withstand wide temperature fluctuation
•    Corrosion resistant to chemicals and general road wear

The Squirrel once fitted on the lug nuts is ensuring the wheel nuts are in place; if the wheels are covered in grime and road dust the Squirrel is still doing its job. 

Vehicle Inspection Systems have created a simple and effective engineering of wheel safety. This device is suitable for multi-studded wheels of 6, 8 or 10 studs that are normal in truck vehicles.