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Thursday, 22 December 2016

How Effective is a Squirrel Wheel Safety Device

Wheel loss is one of the most common reasons for accidents while on road. Just checking for loose lug nuts is not going to help you. It does not matter whether your indicators are working fine or whether the pre check was completed or not. Instead, ensure that the wheel is fully secure so that you can drive with complete peace of mind while on the road. Now, secure your wheels with The Squirrel. It is a wheel safety device that is designed to withstand paint, chemicals and extreme weather conditions. Made of engineered nylon, it is quite light in weight and can be fitted easily. It is impact resistant, meaning the Squirrel is designed to stay in place and keep pressure on the lug nuts. Even under grime and severe dirt conditions when the wheel cannot be seen, this device works efficiently. 


The Squirrel wheel safety device comes with many features. The design is simple so that it can be secured quite easily. The device is reusable and can be fitted to any coach, trailer or 10, 8 or 6 stud trucks. You do not need any special tools to secure the Squirrel to your wheels thus requiring minimum downtime. With this safety device in place, instances of wheel loss become negligible. It not only enhances the overall efficiency of your wheels but also gives complete peace of mind for the drivers when driving on the road. Lesser instances of wheel loss lead to greater savings thus making it cost effective for the operators.


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