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Thursday, 24 November 2016

What Is The Importance of Brake Testing Equipment?

Simulating the correct left to right and front to rear brake forces is worth the cost as the measurement allows the vehicle owner / driver to know much in advance the efficacy of the brake management system and its effect and performance in an emergency. Forewarned is better armed and brake testing is a vital measurement metric that ensures
•    Brakes are working as specified
•    Increases driver confidence on road
•    Human and vehicle safety is constantly analyzed

The process of brake testing involves removal of the wheel to measure and adjust the vehicles’ brake force distribution. Demounting the wheel and brake assembly is quite a heavy task as the entire assembly weighs upwards of 60 pounds. To facilitate the lifting s such heavy elements VIS (Vehicle Inspection Systems) have introduced the Brake Mate, which is an invaluable Brake testing equipment to service brake assemblies and remove the drudgery of manual lifting.

The advantages of Brake Mate are:
•    Reduces manual lifting of rotor, hub and caliper
•    Increases safety by minimizing or eliminating injuries due to lifting
•    The system is designed for proper work heights
•    Can handle truck, bus and trailer wheels and with brake adapter option becomes multi-functional
•    Average time is reduced by half during rotor replacement jobs
•    Alignment of all parts is automatic during the splitting of rotor from hub
•    Rotating service table simplifies handling of heavy rotors
•    Realignment of rotor and hub is quick and easy
•    Caliper replacement easily performed
•    Hydraulic lift controls enables final assembly efficiently

Truck brake testing equipment is a must-have piece of machinery in fleet maintenance bays, which saves invaluable time allowing technicians to perform their tasks more efficiently.


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